LA | Rodin | Paris


Concept: To create a promotional poster that would redefine and enliven the current Gerald B. Cantor Sculpture Garden featuring works by Auguste Rodin at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The overarching goal is to bring more traffic to the garden from a new audience through redefining the space and highlighting its Parisian essence and Los Angeles location.

music lyrics/emotion​

Concept: To create a series of posters that incorporate the use of geometric shapes, [abstract] imagery, and photos from live shows whose overall design reflects the mood of a song.


Look Good Feel Better

Concept: To rebrand the current "Look Good Feel Better" ad campaign that would bring greater awareness to the LGFB organization and cause. The ad campaign and logo re-brand would serve to help people who know women with cancer or women currently undergoing cancer treatment understand that there are beauty programs to help them improve their self-esteem and quality of life during this complex and difficult journey towards recovery.


Karen Orzolek


Concept: To create two editorial spreads that capture Karen Orzolek's avant-garde fashion sense and rock 'n' roll musical style.


Experience Live Music


Concept: To create a series of three posters that display one-line lyrics from songs by popular artists within the indie/alternative genre. In terms of design, the background is meant to be both an abstract, but deliverable idea that a live show is an experience, each and every time. The colors and geometric shapes act as a motif for the burst of energy exuded from live shows and the unmatchable feelings felt during them.


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